Medical Marketing Tips

Tips to help doctor’s advertise their rooms and build their practice!

3 tips to help Drs connect with patients

       1. Create a professional website and market your rooms online

       2. Become a leader in your field by speaking at medical meetings and events

       3. Meet and greet your referral network


How to start marketing your medical services

Medical Marketing will help you build trust in the community, create strong links with peers and promotes your services. To start, review your business plan and write down you’re short to long-term goals. Keep this document in a folder you can access easily, and review it annually to facilitate analysis.

Ideas to get you started to include:

    • You are now (do you have rooms, a website, hospital affiliations, are you part of a group, do you have marketing collateral – profile, brochures etc.)
    • Where do you want to be (now and 5 and10 years)
    • Who you are targeting (by age, gender, location – be specific)
    • What approach you will take to get there

The Referral

People Google everything, searching for symptoms, medication and concerns about their health. If they want to see a specialist, they see their GP ask for a direct referral to a doctor of their choice. Unless the GP knows of you or believes another specialist would be better, they will write a referral accordingly. GPs usually accommodate the patient’s request because it’s about relationships and business. The GP wants to keep the patient happy, and if the GP cannot see a good reason to refuse the patients request, they support the request. Why did I point this out? Because it highlights the importance of a well-designed website for self-promotion, awareness and 24/7 access for patients to access your information.

Today’s consumers are your patients’ of tomorrow. A website allows patients to research in their own time and the opportunity to contact you at a time that suits them.

How to build your referrals and your practice

Medical Specialists need to consult patients’ to grow a surgical list. It would help if you had an idea of your referrals to surgery ratio. If you’re not sure of the ratio, compare your consultations with your list. It will help you decide if you have allocated enough time in your strategic communications and marketing plan for consultation time. In a day of consults, review the number of patients you take to surgery, and it should help you understand the ratio. Once you know the number, there are two primary factors to consider:

  1. Don’t forget to satisfy the individual needs of yourself, your family and the consumer (soon to be patients’).
  2. You need patients’ to refine clinical skills and time to read up on new treatments, medication and procedures.

Make a plan that includes both primary factors, and you will be well on the way. If we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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