Medical Marketing Tips

Information to help doctor’s advertise their rooms and build their practice!


Build your online presence

Create a professional website and market your services, staff, and rooms on the internet.

Highlight your Expertise

Become a leader in your field by speaking at medical meetings and events

Get marketing support

When starting private practice, it is important to meet and greet your referral network

Tips to help doctor’s


  • Medical Marketing will help you build a profile and create strong links with peers.
  • Medical marketing helps you inform consumers & patients about your location, rooms and team.
  • A good place to start with marketing your services is to review your business plan and write down your short to long-term goals. Keep this document in a folder where you can access it easily, and review it annually to assist in analysis.

Finding patients and referrers


Referrals via Dr Google

People Google anything like symptoms, medication and concerns about their health then head off to their GP for a referral. Unless the GP knows of you they may believe another specialist would be better and refer accordingly. 

Patient choice for a Referral

GPs usually accommodate the patient’s request to see a specialist of their choice because it’s about relationships and business. The GP wants to keep the patient happy, so if the GP cannot see a good reason to obstain the patient’s request, it is supported.

Build your practice

Surgeon to Patient Ratio

If you’re not sure of the ratio, compare the services offered on your appointments list with your surgery list. It will help you decide if you have allocated enough time in your strategic communications and marketing plan for consultation.

Plan Personal Considerations
  1. Don’t forget to satisfy the individual needs of yourself and our family.
  2. Doctors new to private practice need patients’ to refine their clinical skills and time to read up on new treatments, medication and procedures.
  3. Make a plan that includes both statements above, and you will be well on the way.