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Update Practices as Changes Occur

  • Update practice  details “as changes occur”, not on the next print run of printed directories
  • Choose a defined area for the update
  • We will save you the time and expense associated with posting mail.

Get updates out fast with newsletter marketing

  • Create referral pathways and build relationships with referring doctors
  • Increase brand awareness for your group of Medical Specialists
  • Promote in-practice specialist visits to GPs in your local area

Introducing New Specialists to General Practice

  • Feature new medical specialist profiles on the medical specialist network
  • Promote new practice openings
  • Advertise new locations
  • Introduce new staff and services
  • Inform GPs about the criteria for referral

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Medical Marketing for Doctors – Communication & Networking

Building and maintaining solid professional relationships with general practitioners is important for medical specialists. Our service will connect the two of you by facilitating a direct line of communication between both parties. With our personalised approach, we will make sure that the message you deliver during this process is relevant and powerful enough to positively affect your professional goals. We will walk you through the process to ensure the message you deliver is highly relevant to the GPs.

Medical Marketing for Doctors – Promote and Advertise

Doctors can introduce their rooms, services and expertise by mailing a letter of introduction to GPs. We help you market your skills and services by designing logo branded collateral with words that best communicate who you are, where you are and what you do!

Our medical marketing and website design services can help you develop a professional identity. By choosing to work with a business that specialises in medical marketing, your materials will be geared towards the needs of referring doctor as well as the needs of a patients looking for someone to help.

Medical Marketing for Doctors – Share knowledge

CPD Medical Meetings help medical specialists get to know general practitioners as well as other doctors in the network. Our seminars provide an opportunity for specialists to share their expertise, showcase new techniques, and assist doctors working in primary care to improve clinical outcomes. Networking opportunities allow medical specialists and general practitioners to develop new business relationships that can result in new patient referrals. Let us help you get connected!

Benefits of CPD Meetings

Introduce your Services

Communicate directly with local GP network

Networking Opportunities

Distribute your profile and introduction letter in person

Share your knowledge

Increase your profile by being an expert in your field

Target Marketing

Reassure GPs about how you can help their patient

Do you have a medical marketing strategy in place?

While medical marketing has been around for quite some time, it’s a necessary aspect of any medical business. It’s important for growing your referral base, lists, and the bottom line. So what do you do if you don’t have a medical marketing strategy in place? The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. Ask us about our medical marketing services, our tactics will expand your reach. We will get the word out!

Our conversations are private, please feel free to contact us about your medical marketing needs anytime.

Request a Quote

Our services help medical specialists to build their rooms by establishing long-term relationships with their referral network. To find out more, please contact me and see how together, we can build your practice.

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