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Med Web Connect designs clean, aesthetic and, above all, user-friendly medical websites that are easy to navigate. We work exclusively with the pharmaceutical industry and are dedicated to the online promotion of medical practices and specialist rooms. The medical websites we create will promote your rooms and services 24/7. In addition to building new websites, we refresh current medical websites that are out of date or need a revamp and we give them a little bit of love.

Our website services can assist you with ongoing support too. We provide maintenance plans that check your site regularly, and ensure, you have the latest updates and security patches installed. 

Our marketing strategy includes Search Engine Optomisation (SEO), so our websites will help you reach people organically. If you don’t have time to wait for your site to build organically, you can start with a targeted driven ad-words campaign to drive patients and referrals.

Our websites meet the privacy standards of the industry. We install an SSL certificate (for authentication of a website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection), so doctors can offer peace of mind to patients with a secure website where patients can make online inquiries safely.

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Website Services

Suzie developing a website
Websites for Doctors
– Maintenance

Website maintenance is a job that most doctors either try to handle themselves or pay someone else to do. Whether you want to be the one to update your website or you choose to hire someone for that task, it’s important to make sure to keep your website up to date.

With our maintenance plan, we ensure your content management system is secure, current, and consistent with your message. We want your site to be a resource for patients, with useful and relevant information. We will ensure your website is professional, and maintains an excellent representation of you and your business.

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Suzie developing a website
Websites for Doctors
– Website Layout Portal

With our web-based design app you can create prototypes of the site you have in  mind. Simply find an element on the left and drag it to site layout on the right, and see instantly how you page will be laid out. You can move elements up and down and get as creative s you like.

Think about your services, your team, your locations and more.

Our webdesign app will help you build a customised website just for you!

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Suzie developing a website
Websites for Doctors
– Development

Websites help you improve your online presence. You can have a number of different features like appointment request forms, individual staff pages, and newsletter blogs. With the right amount of attention and guidance, you will have a great website that helps you attract more patients.

All our websites are customised, to meet the needs of our clients. You can start with a basic package and add pages as needed. We offer a copywriting service, to help time – poor doctors write copy. We will help you present your services in the most professional way.

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Search Engine Optimisation SEO
Websites for Doctors
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—specifically, natural or unpaid search results. In order for your website to rank higher on major search engines, it is a good practice to add new content with targeted keywords to your website on a regular basis.

We have years of experience in healthcare and web design.  Our SEO services will help you rank for competitive keyword,  phrases and interest-based search terms. List at the top with our SEO services.

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